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Eldora feels different and looks different to her friends. All becomes clear when She discovers her true identity and mission to save planet earth.
It’s 2030 and the earth is being hit by frequent shockwaves making the earth unstable for human life. 
Eldora must teach her friends the golden rule to save the earth.
This play devised by the ‘Younger Yard’ group explores themes around friendship, bullying and acceptance. Written by Lisa Jackson and directed by Lisa Jackson and Tatenda Chitsamba. 

The Golden Rule will be performed during the YOUnique Festival at the New Art Exchange Nottingham on Saturday the 11th of March at 12.30 pm. 

It's been such an experience working with YARD younger theatre group and I'm looking forward to seeing them at their best.  
<![CDATA[Younique Festival 2023]]>Fri, 10 Mar 2023 13:14:44 GMThttp://mon0lisa.com/blog/younique-festival-2023Play: #ItStartedBy
Over the past few months, since October 2022 I have been working with New Art Exchange in-house youth groups, YARD younger and older's on Tuesdays and Wednesday evenings. It's been great to work with co-drama leader Tatenda Chitsamba. I'm so grateful for the YARDY welcome from both staff and young people. 
We have been working hard. to devise, write, rehearse and perform two short plays to feature at the Younique festival on Saturday the 11th of March at 3 pm. All are welcome but spaces of limited. You can get your ticket online at Eventbrite. click on the picture below for more information. 

The Younique Festival is all about young people's voices and perspectives. #ItStartedBy is one of many performances and creative activities happening throughout the day including a play by younger YARE called 'The Golden Rule'. Check the link below to find out more; 

<![CDATA[Joan Willett Lasting Legacy Award]]>Tue, 28 Sep 2021 23:00:00 GMThttp://mon0lisa.com/blog/joan-willett-lasting-legacy-awardWe are honoured to receive, alongside the Love Hearts and Carol Burrell, the Joan Willett Lasting Legacy Award at the British Heart Foundation's Heart Hero Awards 2021 in acknowledgement of the Hearts and Minds Programme Nottingham. 

You can watch the full awards ceremony hosted by Vernon Kay. Skip to 120min to watch our acknowledgement and tribute from the Duchess of York.